About Rockalily Wigs

Hello, I am Rhiannon (also known as ReeRee), the head-of-synthetic-hair behind Rockalily Wigs.
I owned London's cutest hair salon, Rockalily Cuts, from 2012-2019. Prior to that, I launched Rockalily Lipsticks, so it isn't a complete surprise that Rockalily has returned in some form!
Opening a hair salon provides a clue to how important my hair is to me, but I have been wearing wigs every day for at least 7 years I'd say. They've allowed me to have fun with my style, change my colour, and they're always so much faster than styling my actual hair.
Over the past 7 years, I have owned more wigs than I'd like to count. Hundreds of synthetic wigs have been styled, cut and teased. My classic daily 'do is a wig with a bandana.This is a pretty iconic retro rockabilly hair style, and it's so quick and easy to do with a wig.
Even when I ran Rockalily Cuts, I was constantly providing advice to people who asked about my wig-wearing. People are curious, intrigued and want to have a play too!
So here is Rockalily Wigs. Wigs for the ultimate retro rockabilly updo. I'm starting with Raspberry Rebel, and we'll see where we end up!
P.S - These are all pictures of me getting married. Yes I got married a lot of times. Every time wearing a wig. All to the same person.