Getting married in a wig

Getting married in a wig

I have collected a rather unusual amount of wedding anniversaries. I got married (actually and legally) in April 2022. I'd always wanted a Vegas wedding and simply couldn't decide which Vegas wedding to have. Whimsically, we decided why not do all of them. 

So, that week in Vegas, we got married 4 times in four different ways. 

The next year, April again in Vegas. We got 'married' two more times. We say 'married', but technically all of the ones after the first legal one are Vow Renewals. But there are no official rules we need to abide by, so weddings they are (for us).

This year, again in Vegas in April, we married one more time. The lucky 7.

I'm not an especially romantic person, despite the amount of weddings I have now had, but I am never one to shy away from being clear. Repeating the promises out loud have a lovely sense of a reset or refresh of what our marriage will be. Something like that. I also love an excuse to wear a nice dress.

You may recognise the location of this wedding ceremony - Viva Las Vegas, the Rockabilly weekender in Las Vegas. We're renewed our vows at the vintage car show three times now. The wonderful celebrants are in fact a married couple of their own!

The car show at Viva is hot. Like, 30 degrees hot. The heat never deters me from wearing a wig. In fact, I've been wearing wigs daily for perhaps 8 years now. I love the way the ease of putting one on every morning. 


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