Cutting the lace

Cutting the lace

Your Rockalily wig is a lace front wig.

Here is the wig turned inside out. The lace is the clearer section, with the darker squares of pink (they are the flashes of deeper pink hair). The lace part allows for a more natural looking hair line, and gives you flexibility in your parting placement.

When the wig arrives to you, you will need to cut the lace. This feels scary, but isn't as bad it may seem. Many people get nervous that they will ruin it, but it's almost impossible. You can always cut smaller, and then trim afterwards.

I hope that this video shows you that it isn't an exact science - you just need to the cut the excess lace off. Be brave and go for it!

*Please note - no returns can be accepted once the lace has been cut*

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