Hello, I'm ReeRee, the owner of Rockalily Make Up.

I wanted Rockalily to celebrate an alternative femininity - I thought of everything I loved about how my friends and I dressed -  bright red lips, tattoos, leopard print and vintage style inspiration. Rockalily Ladies aren’t afraid to be seen, and are confident in their own awesomeness.

I was tired of trying to find my perfect red lipstick. I was overwhelmed with lipstick choices, but disappointed with their colours. Some were too dry, some too dull, some made my teeth seem yellow whilst others bled beyond my lip line. I knew I wanted a blue-based red lipstick but beauty assistants didn't appear to know what I meant when asked for one!

So I decided to start my own brand of lipsticks, where less really could be more. I wanted to create a range that could be worn every day and that were the right shade and quality of product. I wanted Rockalily Ladies to be able to quickly choose which shade would be right, and be confident that they wouldn't be disappointed when they got them home. I settled on three red shades and one pink, creating a capsule range of perfect shades for anyone brave enough to apply!

Rockalily Lipsticks launched with 4 shades; two blue-based reds and one orange-based red and a blue-based pink. The blue-based shades are perfect for ladies with paler skin tones and those who want to enhance the whiteness of their teeth, while the orange-based shade compliments darker skin tones perfectly. The lipsticks have vitamin E in them to ensure they don't dry out your lips and making them perfect for every day use. The perfect pout every time!

I love many things: cocktails, sunny picnics, trips to the hairdressers, Las Vegas, travelling, socialising, London events, promoting reading, burlesque and taking tour guide buses.