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rockalily cuts 2018

1. Do you only do crazy rainbow hair? Do you even cut? Am I too boring to come to Rockalily Cuts? I sort of want to.....

Honestly, we get it. If you didn't know us, we can look a little intimidating, or weird. But we promise you, we're pretty chilled (even though we swear too much), and definitely not as cool as you may think. Yes, we fucking love rainbow hair, but we love every client for different reasons, and we are more than happy to do your regular trim, your sunkissed highlights or your brunette roots. We're pretty certain that if you're curious about visiting us, you'll fit right in.

2. Do I have to prebook an appointment?

We do take walk-ins, but we are super small (and super cute) salon, so we may not have the space to fit you in, therefore it is always best to contact us first! You can use email ( , twitter, facebook or the phone (0203 632 3113).

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3. When are you open?

We are open 7 days a week, and our standard hours are 11-7. We open til 8pm on Thursdays, and our weekend hours are 10-6. 

4. How much do you charge?

Take a peek at the Rockalily Cuts Price List or contact us to ask! We do our best to provide quotes via email where possible, but obviously a quote isn't a promise, its a prediction/guide.


5. Which products do you use?

We use different products, based on what we think will work best with your hair! We find this works better than sticking to only one brand. However, we do love Layrite, and are proud to stock it here in the UK. We also use Olaplex.

We use L'Oreal Hair colours as we believe them to offer the best colour solution, and we mainly use Directions for bold colours.

6. What is Olaplex?

We use Olaplex a lot at Rockalily Cuts - is it really worth the hype? Watch our facebook live video talking about Olaplex here. It costs £30 to add it to your colour or cut service, or you can buy the at-home product for £35.

Q7. What payment methods do you use?

You can of course pay in cash, but we do take debit and credit cards (including AMEX). You can also pay using Paypal, should you wish to pay in advance

8. Can I buy a Rockalily Cuts gift voucher?

Yes, we have gift vouchers, which we can email to you. Perfect for when you need a last minute present!

9. Do you have a shop dog?

Sadly Ellington passed away, his old and grumpy life reached its end. Many clients ask after him still, he was quite a character! We love when you bring your dog with you, as long as they are small and well behaved. And they don't mind us getting excited about them. We love dogs.

10. Why do I need to re-bleach my blonde hair every 6 weeks? 

If you let your roots grow too long, you will struggle to keep your hair nice and blonde. Read more here.

11. Why have you said I can't have grey hair? Are you all just meanies?

We get asked to do pinterest-worthy grey hair pretty much every day, and we turn 95% of them away. I promise its not to be annoying. Most hair can't go grey. The answer to this is boring, but the lucky few that can (if you deem grey hair as lucky) have a lot of upkeep to keep it nice, as it fades quickly, and can often fade pretty ugly. This type of hair can get expensive, and we'd hate to take your money for hair that isn't very nice. We try and be as honest as we can with expectations, so that you're happy, we're happy...just generally everyone should be happy.

12. Do you do men? We don't see it on your instagram anymore.

You're right, we used to have a full time barber, and do loads more gents. Then our colouring just really took off, and we don't have the time/space for a barber now. However, Charley our manager has a core clientele of fabulous gents, and we love them too.