1. Can I visit Rockalily Cuts for a 'normal' haircut?

Yes! There is no sort of 'retro' test you have to pass! We want everyone to feel fabulous, and are more than  happy to cut/colour/stye any sort of hairstyle that makes you feel gorgeous. 

2. Do I have to prebook an appointment?

We do take walk-ins, but as we are a smaller salon, we may not have the space to fit you in, so it is always best to contact us first! You can use email (hair@rockalily.com) , twitter, facebook or the phone (0203 632 3113).

3. When are you open?

4. How much do you charge?

Take a peek at the Rockalily Cuts Price List or contact us to ask!

5. Which products do you use?

We use different products, based on what we think will work best with your hair! We find this works better than sticking to only one brand. However, we do love Layrite, and are proud to stock it here in the UK.

We use L'Oreal Hair colours as we believe them to offer the best colour solution, and we mainly use Directions for bold colours.

6. Can I use Rockalily Cuts as a  photoshoot location, or as a workshop space?

Very possibly! Contact ReeRee with details!

7. What payment methods do you use?

You can of course pay in cash, but we do take debit and credit cards. You can also pay using Paypal, should you wish to pay in advance


8. Where is Rockalily Cuts?

9. Do you have a shop dog?

Sadly Ellington passed away, his old and grumpy life reached its end.

10. Can I buy a Rockalily Cuts gift voucher?

Yes, we have gift vouchers, which we can post out if needed.