Rockalily Style - Birthday Dancing

This was a birthday evening out outfit. Leather look denim jeans from New Look, green pump shoes from Crocs, and an old top from Primark.

I kept my night out pretty low key, as on my actual birthday I'd been taken to a lovely restaurant, so this was the dancing and drinks event a few nights later. I invited my closest friends, and we just spent a few hours having a boogie.

I did start the evening with a giggle, after putting on my new leather look denim I texted my boyfriend, "You're not wearing your leather look denim jeans are you?", and the immediate reply was, "I'll change."

Rockalily Style - Turning 33 in Collectif

I actually wore this Collectif dress for my birthday last year (Tiki Party) and I thought it would be perfect for a lovely restaurant I'm going to (more to follow on that!). Use REE10 for a discount to Collectif by the way. Anyhow, I wiggled into it (its hard to squeeze into it alone!) and I'm left feeling pretty shitty about myself. Which is horrible and quite unusual for me.

It's a kickarse dress, and yet I'm sat here feeling really low about it all. I'm almost trying to force myself to wear it, but I may cave. I rarely get my chest out, and I think its making me uncomfortable than I expected. I'm no longer used to feeling like my confidence is this fragile, so its just taken me by surprise.

Watch this space.

Rockalily Style - Going Gaga for Gingham

This is a homemade dress that my mother gave me 5 years ago. It's from a Vintage Vogue dress pattern, and despite being a well-versed seamstress she said it was the most challenging item she'd made!  It was a surprise gift too, so she didn't get to measure me or make any adjustments in the way you would usually when making a dress from a pattern. Five years on and it's still going strong!