I am hosting a Bloggers' get together at the end of the month (as a celebratory party for the new shade of Rockalily Lipstick ZOMG!). Already 100 bloggers have RSVP-ed as coming, and train tickets are being booked! Exciting stuff!

As demand has been so high, with more bloggers and tweeters wanting to come than I could invite (there is no way to invite every blogger, so apologies if you were missed off, we really did our best!) I have managed to extend the size of the venue. We now have an extra area meaning I can open up the event to more of you.

If you would like to go on the waiting list for an invite (it is in London on Jan 30th) email me, or leave your email address in the comments below. I will do my best to get as many of you there as possible!

#Unfortunately if you did not receieve an invite (and RSVP) there is no more availability

for this event#

On The Night

The main focus of the event is meeting each other! You will have a name badge to put on, which means you can finally match up people's online persona to their real life one! 

When you arrive, you can pick up a Bloggers' Bingo card, which if completed will gain you the chance to win some of our amazing prizes (blog post to follow to detail them all). 

There will be different activities you can take part in - Vintage hair styling, pop up photo studio, decorating your own cake, swatching lipppies etc. Again, I will blog more details of these soon.

Do not leave before 9:30pm. Prizes will be given out at this time (roughly!), and if you win, but are not there to collect it, your prize will be given away. There will also be a little something special happening at this time too. You are free to stay until the venue closes should you wish to continue hanging out with your new blogger friends.

If you want to be the first to try a ZOMG! Rockalily lippy, you can pre-order them for collection on the night here.