#ZOMGbloggersbash - The event!

Gosh! So finally, the #ZOMGbloggersbash was here! I was so busy on the night that I actually didn't take a single photo, so will be using the Pop up Studio pictures that the fabulous Tigz Rice took.

I have enjoyed reading the guest blogs that have been posted about the event already - Sarah Betty, Epiphannie, Hi Fashion, Stay Beautiful, Rachel Phipps, The Happennings and Non-Happenings of Franno and Joy to the World

Organising an event like the #ZOMGbloggersbash is pretty intimidating, and I definitely couldn't have done it without some of my Wonderful Women. Some of them directly took part, with their products and services, and some were just helping me run the night smoothly, and I am a little over-awed today with my appreciation for them.

The night started with a lot of moving tables and chairs, struggling with getting the eletricity to work and a small glass of wine. Once people started arriving it was all systems go! If you arrived to get your name badge (apologies to those who didn't have one, I honestly did my best!) you would have been greeted by two #wwmoob members - Ruff Mutts and Pip Jolley. There was also the opportunity to guess the number of lip sweets in the jar, and this was where you collected your Bloggers' Bingo card from.

The beautiful and brainy Historical Sauces hosted their pop up vintage library along with the samples of Rockalily lippy.

There was an opportunity to make a card with Denise from Strange Fruit and decorate your own cupcake with Temptation's Creations, but sadly I was too busy to do either! Big fail on my part.

Over at the photo studio, there were hats from Little Miss B and wigs from Wonderland Wigs to play with, as well as loungerie from Betty Blue's Loungerie. Over on the other side of the room there was an opportunity to get your hair styled reto-tabulously by HeyDay Honey.

The surprise finale to the night were two burlesque performances, the first of which was from Rubyyy Jones. I loved hearing the crowd (many of whom I was aware had not seen burlesque before) laughing and cheering lots! Have no fear, they were meant to be laughing.

You may well have recognised Miss Banbury Cross as she is the current face of Rockalily, so I hoped that everyone enjoyed her burlesque performance too! Reading the tweets from the time make me think that everyone did!

Zozo, from The London Lipgloss (who the ZOMG! Limited Edition Lipstick is in collaboration with) looked stunning, and I can't wait to see some more pics of the night! I'm also a little nervous to see the filming of the event - Zozo and I had to give some interviews, and there may well be more bloopers than anything that makes sense.

 I'm sure I will blog about this again, when my head has somewhat settled after the excitement!

 Thank you to everyone who came, and everyone who came and spoke to me!