#ZOMGbloggersbash - Last Minute Info

Monday 30th January is the #ZOMGbloggersbash, a little party to celebrate the collaboration between Rockalily and The London Lipgloss - it's really an excuse to acknowledge how much social media brings to our lives, and meet (IRL) the people we often share most of our daily lives with (people who we read, tweet to and comment on).

Obviously, we couldn't invite every blogger we know. The invites were not based on blog stats or readership, just people we wanted to hang out with. We tried our best to include everyone, but the beauty of social media is simple how many people we interact with, and therefore it was impossible to  include everyone! Apologies if you didn't manage to get an invite this time.

  • The venue is pretty close to the tube stations, but do check a map before you leave.
  • There is phone signal inside (we are above ground)
  • It starts at 7pm, and should be ending at about 9:30pm (although you can stay later!)
  • The bloggers' bingo prizes will be given out at about 9:30pm.
  • Be brave and say hello to people - those you do and don't know! They are all feeling nervous too!
  • Say hello to me! I want to make new friends too!
  • Take a minute to look at some of the blogs you don't know - you may discover a new gem!
  • Lots and lots of people are coming on their own. Just walk in, get your name badge, and approach some people! They want to meet you!
  • It is in a pub - you must be over 18.
  • If you preordered a ZOMG! lipstick (and entered your twitter name in the notes) it will be ready for collection with your name badge. Please bring your receipt.
  • There will be nothing for sale (apart from drinks of course!) tonight as it is a bash rather than a market place! x