#ZOMGbloggersbash - Featuring Wonderland Wigs

I am hosting a Bloggers' get together at the end of the month (as a celebratory party for the new shade of Rockalily Lipstick ZOMG!). It will host over 100 invited bloggers, and hopefully be a lot of fun!

One of the businesses taking part is Wonderland Wigs who have supplied some wigs and hair pieces for us to try and play with! Well, they arrived today, and I couldn't help myself! I did tweet some rough pics of me giving them a try, and thought I would take some pictures now that I'm home. This is what I do of an evening (in my pyjamas!).

Wonderland Wigs have supplied a variety of wigs, including clip in fish tail plaits and clip in buns, but here I am trying on four of the full wigs.

Wigs are so much fun! They transform your look so instantly!! He he! I bet the #ZOMGbloggersbash guests will have a blast trying them all on!