Falling back in love with shopping

Over the past few years I've really stopped clothes shopping. When I lived in a neighbourhood with lots of charity shops I shopped there weekly buy since moving I've really fallen out of love with clothes shopping. 

Recently I've felt the itch to recreate my wardrobe and I've started craving old school shopping.

reeree shopping

Luckily I'm a pretty good shopper, I generally have a good eye for the right fabric and shape so shopping never feels too painful. I found this cute little dress in the sale at Dorothy Perkins, and it's very Fred-Perry-esque.

I've also not been shopping a lot as I tend to wear the same style of clothing, so I've had little need to buy more. Recently I've been craving a slight style change so my wardrobe isn't proving so easy to rely on.

Watch out Westfield, I'm coming for you!