You'd never guess these 1950s inspired dresses were from ASOS

Wow, I don't tend to shop very much outside of charity shops, but blimey have ASOS got some hidden gems if you're looking for a 1950s inspired dress for a great price. This gorgeous blue lace dress is by Chi Chi and is £80. I've never heard of Chi Chi but by gosh they do some delicious vintage inspired gowns.

Here is another Chi Chi dress, which is £75. The lace overlay makes it look much more expensive I think.

I mean, you'd be hard to find a dress that looks as vintage and gorgeous as these for £80, I'd be really curious to see them in the flesh. Too good to be true?

This mid-length skirt is pretty amazing too. It costs £75, but the shape it holds, particularly at the back, makes it look like a premium product.

This Chi Chi dress is £67 and definitely a wedding dress possibility?! You could dye it afterwards and just wear it!

For a more simple 1950s look, this is a sweet petite dress, for £95. Really amazed at how many vintage 1950s inspired dresses they have!