You don't need a USP to be successful in business

If you're creating a business it can be very easy to fall into the trap where we believe we either have to be first, unique, best or cheapest.

It's pretty stressful, as its hard to be any of these three things! 

However, the majority of businesses make money without being first,unique or the cheapest. Woohoo, now isn't that a relief. Businesses survive and thrive without ever chasing these three attributes, so yours can too!

You may make a sale because:

You are the nearest. 

You are the most trustworthy.

You are the quickest.

You answer your emails the fastest.

You charge what the customer was looking to spend (we don't always want the cheapest).

You sell another item the customer wanted to buy at the same time.

Your website or payment system was the easiest.

You are associated with someone/something the customer admires/respects.

Your website came up first in Google.

You have good online reviews.

You may open or be available at the 'right' times

You may offer personalisation.

You may be 'liked' more as a business owner.

Your branding may just connect to the customer.

I'm sure the list goes on! The point is that I hear a lot of businesses throw around the need for a 'USP' (unique selling point) and actually that's a rather outdated term now. Don't get disheartened by a need to be unique. Tesco is not unique from Sainsburys. Nike is not unique from Addidas. Don't get obsessed with price. If price was all that matters we'd all shop in Lidl, yet we don't.

Why do (or why would) your customers buy from you? Make these things the most obvious, customers like obvious