Yoga Challenge Day 3 - I bought a yoga mat!

My new morning routine is to wake up naturally with the sun at about 7am, pop to the toilet and switch on Youtube to take part in my Yoga Challenge. Get me! Ha! So far the videos have lasted between 15-30 minutes, then I get back into bed to enjoy two coffees. Just before I head out I'll have a nutriblast (a smoothie made in a Nutribullet). 

After the first two days of just using a towel, I invested in a yoga mat, so that my knees don't hurt on the wooden floor. Was really nice to use a mat. I went to Sports Direct and bought one for £10. I knew I wanted a 'sticky' non-slip one, and it's perfect so far.

I'm still pretty terrible at it all, but I'm enjoying starting my day with some movement. Maybe it will develop into doing an actual work out, rather than yoga, but this is an easy way to ease into a morning fitness regime.