Valentine's Day Alone....

valentines alone

It's nearly that time of the year, when your relationship status is pushed to the very forefront of your mind. I'm not anti-valentine's by any means. If you're with a loved one, its a lovely excuse to buy a gift, or tell them how you feel. It's another prompt to go above and beyond, or to be extra thoughtful, for no reason other than its nice.

Last year my Valentine's was pretty shite, in the tail-end of a relationship that would finally be shot dead in the back alley a couple of months after, but could have probably been put out of its misery a little sooner. The year before that? 

So...facing forwards, what about Valentine's this year? I'm flying solo, and focusing what I'm brilliant at. I'm going to shower myself with love this Valentine's. I've been working on enriching myself, and am doing a few evening classes, and on Feb 14th, I've got two of my weekly classes, so that will be the focus of my day. I will remind myself that just as Valentine's day can prompt us to be extra appreciatitive of others, it can also remind me to appreciate myself.  To compliment myself without a but. To acknowledge the things I am proud of.