Winterville in Victoria Park

winterville 2015

After a failed attempt at creating some festive cheer at the Christmas Market at Southbank yesterday, today I geared myself up for a second go at Winterville in Victoria Park.

We arrived just after it opened at 3pm, but actually this meant a lot of things weren't actually open, which was a shame. We went straight for some hot cider. I'd hoped to get some christmas gifts, but the markets were either clothing based or closed completely.

winterville food stalls

There are a lot of food options, but as a vegetarian who tends to stay away from starchy carbs I obviously have less choice, but was happy to find this halloumi salad box. Rather challenging to eat with just a chip fork, but I just had to get my fingers involved. And a second hot cider of course.

winterville east london

I also braved trying roast chestnuts for the first time, after asking the guy manning the stall what they tasted of. He advised me he doesn't like them, and people tend to say they were like potato. He allowed me to try one, and as I didn't hate it, I bought a bag! This led to a debate about whether they were conkers (google tells me a big no; conkers are poisonous apparently). I struggled to work out how best to eat them, but I liked them!

I may well return to either ice skate or mini golf, so watch this space as I'm sure I'll be terrible at both of these activities!