Christmas came early

This year I seem to be spreading my Christmas cheer over December, rather than squeezing it all onto the 25th. My family day was this weekend, visiting my mother in the country side.

christmas at mothers 2015.jpg

I'm always very proud when people compliment the interior design of my salons, but I know that I'm not quite as good as my mother yet. Her Christmas decorations put many shop displays to shame! I almost felt I was walking into an instagrammer's dream Christmas home! 

As an adult, I've spent December 25th in a variety of places; with a boyfriend, in India, working in a pub, with extended family, with close family; I've always been open to trying new things! This year I'm hoping to volunteer, and spend time with my family, step family and boyfriend on others surrounding days.

Can you tell my mother likes Christmas?

As a Pinterest-style tip - the hanging hoops over the dining table are apparently herb driers.

Christmas can be tough times for some people, so take control and make it what you want it to be. There is no rule book that dictates how you need to spend Christmas. I like to keep busy, and the salon isn't shut for that many days, there's not much I hate more than too much time sitting at home. Makes my mind go a little ga-ga.

My one piece of advice, for anyone out there who generally eats 'well' like I do, don't fall into the advertising trap that Christmas is about indulging in junk food. Remember how that food makes you and your body feel. Sure, have a cheeky few extras, but come January you won't be feeling good in your soul if you suddenly have devoured a week's worth of crap. Lecture over.