Teaching Blogging at CityLit

blogging workshop at citylit

I am aware of the heavy irony of this blog post, sharing the workshop I recently taught at CityLit, since I've been blogging a lot less in the past few months! But that's the beauty of a blog; it's your corner of the internet where you're in charge and set the rules!

You may have seen that I gave supply teaching a go recently, but I also tried something else new - teaching adults! 

city lit tutor job

My first day-long course was Blogging for Business, and I was a bit nervous! I arrived at City Lit, and firstly had to work out where my classroom was, and how to get into it! Next challenge was finding my register, and working out how to log into the PC. Final prayers were given that my powerpoint presentation would work. Woohoo.

The students were such a mixture, which is always the case with blogging, and everyone's goals and desired outcomes always vary. We had people who were doing something with Blockchain, from people in HR and yoga instructors. This is what can make blogging tricky to 'teach', as its almost just a genre, like writing. It can mean so many things!

My nerves soon melted away, as I realised I had a great bunch of people, and we all had things to share and discuss. Teaching adults is such a different pressure to teaching kids; they've paid some money, given up a Saturday, and expect a return on their investment.

I recieved a lovely email, afterwards, from a student, which sums up this pressure perfectly!

"...we thought WTF were we doing a blogging course on a warm summers day. We agreed we'd leave at lunch if it was as boring as expected. Well we couldn't have been more wrong - it was such a fantastic day, equally great in term of all the useful content and your engaging and captivating delivery of it."

Can you imagine the awfulness of students not returning after lunch? It makes my belly hurt with the thought of it! Ha!

At the end of the session, students are asked to leave feedback too, and again, once collected up and in an empty classroom, I opened with slight trepidation. This feedback goes to the my bosses at the college, and more than that, is just scary to read! It was so lovely to read such positive comments, and I forced myself to allow myself to feel some pride. Its an emotion many of us struggle with, I'd argue women, more than men, but definitely lots of us. So here are some of my comments:

"Phenomenal course."

"Really enjoyed the teaching style and conversations."

"Excellent at picking up and responding to individual people on the course. Would definitely do another course by Ree."

"Great how we individually got advice on our own businesses. Excellent teaching style."

"ReeRee was brilliant - highly entertaining and informative. Way exceeded my expectations."

I hope I haven't jinxed my next one now! I'm teaching "Writing for blogs: A taster" on 11th August (and again in December). Wish me luck! Teaching kids is much easier!