World Book Night 2012: I am a Book Giver

World Book Night is an annual celebration of reading, that started last year, and has now spread from the UK to include the states.

One million books are given away for free, with half of them being given to hospitals, prisons and care homes. The other 500,000 books are given away by World Book Night volunteers around the country. Each book has the giver's name written in it, with a unique code, so that they can be tracked on their journey!

The givers (me included!) applied to be selected, and had to complete quite a lengthy application form! You had to chose your first, second and third choice of book, from the list of 25 books which have been selected (for being awesome).

The idea is that the books are given to people who are perhaps not in love with reading as they could be. They may think reading isn't for them, or they can't find a good enough book to grab them, or perhaps they don't think they have the time. The givers selected their book because they loved it. Because they want to pass that experience onto someone else. When they hand the book over, they truly want you to love it too.

I now have 24 copies of The Book Thief to pass on, which I will do in my local community. 

If you know me (and yes, those are my knuckles) I love reading. I love books and what they contain. I have been a primary teacher, obsessed with passing on the opportunities that books provide. I read bed time stories to 'tough' New York teenagers and wasn't surprised when they asked for more. I have been a secondary school librarian, clinging to the small moments when a teen finds their reading soul. I'm always happy to preach about the world of books, and have always, always believed everyone can love reading. They just need to find the right book.