Wonderful Working Women Networking Session 2


I hosted the second networking meeting at the weekend, for any women who run their own business, want to be self-employed, or simply have a dream of making money from their hobby. It has the goal of creating a supportive network of business women who can offer advice, a hug, or even cross-promotion. There is power in numbers!

You can read about meeting number one here.

So meeting number two had more people attend who hadn't come to meeting one, than people who had, so it still had a 'networking' focus rather than the same people meeting up again as friends. However for future meetings we will have a slight focus, now that we know what business issues our members have. We will also look into having guest visitors (not guest speakers as such, as it is always more of a conversation than a lecture).

As always, we love seeing products people make, and having a play (we had hats to try on again!).

I love finding out different ways that we all suggest of linking/connecting/supporting each other. We can all try and learn from each other's mistakes rather than making them all for ourselves!



 I am already planning meeting number three for November, so watch this space.






Here are the details for some of our wonderful women:

Katy Potts -  Katypotts.com

Little Miss B   Blog and Etsy

Helen -  Helenography.com

Naomi - Vintage Secret

Miss Honey Bare - Twitter

Nikki - Nikita Sablier

Zeenat - Embracecoaching.com

Kali - Lush & Lovely

Natasha De Vil - Tea, Love & Anarchy

ReeRee Rockette - Rockalily.com

We also have a twitter list