Wonderful Working Women - Networking Session 1

As some of you know, I organised the first Wonderful Working Women (WWW) meet and greet, a time where women running, or wanting to run their own businesses could network, chat and share ideas. I made some pathetically childish cupcakes:


They were later trumped by Miss Honey Bare's vegan Pina Colada muffins.

We started off with fizzy bubbles and food, made our introductions and then sat down to business. One by one we went round the group, explaining a bit about our history, our present and what we hoped for the future.

Little Miss B brought some of the hats she makes, and so we had fun playing with them:

pirate hat.JPG
Kelly in hat.JPG

We would stop to ask questions, to go off on tangents and offer suggestions. The atmosphere felt supportive and friendly, and it felt like everyone was relaxed enough to enjoy it too.

We had people who were further down the line from others, ranging from women who hadn't got a clear plan at all yet, to people who had completely changed career, to someone who is already stocked in Liberty. It gave such a mixture of experiences, all of us had things to share and to learn.

We finished eventually with each of us sharing a goal that we would aim to achieve before the next meeting.

I love surrounding myself with motivated, inspired and passionate people (traits that I believe I share...I hope people agree with me!) and its great to see women supporting and encouraging each other. Sadly I didn't get a photo of all of the women together, but here are some of them:

wonderful working women.JPG
three turned.JPG

 I definitely plan to arrange another one, so watch this space.

Not everyone who came has websites up and running just yet, but here are some you may want to browse for the time being:

Katy Potts -  www.katypotts.com

Little Miss B  Blog and Etsy

Embrace Coaching - www.embracecoaching.com

And of course my other domain Rockalily.com

Lots of the girls had websites as their focus for next meeting, so hopefully many more to share then.

Meeting number 2 was blogged here.

I have set up a basic blog for the 'Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business' to include things to appropriate for this blog here.