Wonderful Working Women Networking - 6 months on!

Today was the 6th month of Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business! If you are interested in reading about our previous meetings, or finding out more about us, feel free to explore some of the older Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business blog posts.

Today's meeting was at The Paradise by way of Kensal Rise.










I actually didn't take too many photos this time, so will just make do!

We had a total of 9 Wonderful Women, with three being brand new, which always keeps things new.




Some of the Wonderful Women had some exciting movements with their business plans, and we all had advice and suggestions to chip in!

I love how we are all so different, but yet all the same.

We talked about our goals, thinking about where we wanted to be, retailing our products, using our websites and finding our target markets. This is all on top of my mini introduction to SEO!













Finally, a picture of me, enjoying the furniture.  



There will be a few changes as to how the Wonderful Women are run in the pipeline, so watch this space.