Wonderful Women: Writing a Strapline

There was a tiny break from #wwmoob meetings in April for a few reasons (we're all too busy being one of them!) so it was awesome to get back to business with a Wonderful Women meeting today. I sadly didn't take any pictures as we were too busy catching up!

I did take a picture of me modelling a new hat designed for me by fellow #wwmoob Little Miss B, so here it is! My hair isn't the right style for it, but you get the idea! I heart it!

The topic for discussion was straplines, that little sentence that tells people in an instant what your business is. What is it that you offer? Why should people pick you?

We followed some exercises that helped us really think about what we wanted our business to say. A strapline may only be 6 words, so each one counts!

We also went on a little outing....and I showed some of the #wwmoob the current state of the salon! Its weird having people start to see it! Luckily they liked it!