Wonderful Women: Setting Goals for 2012

So the first Wonderful Women meeting of 2012 was about goals and successes. It was great to see some of the #wwmoob after the festive season, and January is all about getting back to business, and making the next year even more amazing than the one before!

I started with a nice quote I had read recently, by Dr Tom Barrett, where he lists the four ingredients for success:

1. Determine what you want

2. Decide what you are willing to reschedule or give up in order to get what you want

3. Associate with people who will help you get what you want

4. Have a plan that works. Work your plan.

Obviously all of the Wonderful Women already do number 3! Sometimes being with people who just cheerlead and support can be more powerful than people realise.  So, our meeting focused on the first two elements, what exactly do we want, and what are we willing to give up to help us get there.

We each made some SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) goals, as well as listing what we had already sacrified, or what we would be willing to give up from now on to help reach these goals.

We also took time to reflect on specific achievements from 2011, because we can all be our own harshest critics! It reminded us how awesome we all really are!