Wonderful Women: Our Christmas Party 2012

Last night was the Wonderful Women Christmas Party. This is the third #wwmoob party we have had, and it allows women who run their own business to have a staff party (if they have no staff!). 

Last year the dresscode was christmas jumpers, this year it was headwear.

As I opened the salon this year #wwmoob has taken somewhat of a back seat. Lots of our original members have moved on with their businesses, and we're all often too busy to meet up as often as we used to.

I must also confess that I have a lovely long list of women wanting to join, which I have sadly had to 'shelve' for a while.

However, 2013 will be the year I inject some life back into our fabulous Wonderful Women family. Many of us still gain a lot from the support and advice we provide, and I'm going to figure out a way to engage with members and new members for January. Watch this space.