Wonderful Women: Norwich!

So, Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business has arrived in Norwich! Wonderful Women is proving successful in London, and so a second branch has now launched in Norwich.

It will be headed up by a London member of Wonderful Women, as she actually lives in Norwich. Lucy is well equipped for the role, and she will still be attending London meetings (so we don't lose her!).

Yesterday was the first meeting, and interest was high, which was awesome. It did coincide with the Norwich festival, which meant that a lot of the potential Wonderful Women were working, but we decided to get the ball rolling!

I travelled up for the day, and Lucy showed me around Norwich.

We started with the cathedral - I do love an old building, and it was the perfect opportunity for a quick pose!



We headed straight to a cafe/tattoo parlour, which I was interested to see. It has a tattoo parlour upstairs and is a retro-themed cafe downstairs. I had a seriously fattening cookie milkshake.


We went around the vintage/retro shops, and I also pulled Lucy into a few charity shops. Norwich is definitely cheaper than London! I ended up buying a vintage 1950s pink prom dress.


An example of the price difference was this quaint little tea-room. We had a tea and a coffee (with yummy syrup) which came to £3.25, or thereabouts. For both. No wonder people gasp when they come to London!


We were a fan of the cocktails, and I think we provided a happy distraction to the other customers (most of whom seemed over 65). We meeted and greeted, and also talking about blog advertising, business cards, blogging, Twitter (my fav topic!) and lots more besides.

The next Norwich Wonderful Women meeting will be on May 22nd. Please contact me if you're intrigued or interested - reeree AT wonderfulwomen.co.uk