Wonderful Women: Norwich Meet and Greet


Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business is certainly growing in Norwich! Meeting number 3 took place last week, and although sadly I wasn't there, I can see it was a roaring success!

Lucy (The Glamourologist) hosts the Norwich meetings and you can see that she lives up to her name!

Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business now has groups in London and Norwich, and we are all women running (or dreaming of running) our own creative businesses.

The meetings are at least twice a month, always one on a Sunday, and one on a week night, and usually have some sort of topic for discussion.

Our meetings usually include pretty dresses, cake and cocktails, but are always focused on our businesses. We laugh a lot too.

Wonderful Women are varied but fabulous, and we love supporting, challenging and encouraging each other as we all grow our businesses.


If you are interested in becoming a Wonderful Women in London, please email ReeRee at WonderfulWomen.co.uk and if you are Norwich based please email Lucy at WonderfulWomen.co.uk