Wonderful Women Norwich: Business Card Boutique


Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business is my business group for fabulous women running their own businesses. I currently have branches in London and Norwich, both of which have bi-monthly meetings.

Lucy (The Glamour_ologist) hosts the Norwich meetings, and she has blogged about the latest get together.

You can read her post (I also used her photo to illustrate this post) about the Norwich Business Card Boutique.

"So what did we learn? I think the point that came across most was that the quality of your business card reflected the perception of your business. That cards that were cheap, poorly conceived or that lacked information about the nature of your business or proper contact details invariably found their way into our 'dislike' pile. This may not stop you picking up the cards but would certainly make them more likely to find their way into the bin when you cleaned out your pockets."