Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business

 Here I am, back in Septemner 2010, hosting my very first Wonderful Women business meeting.

Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business (#wwmoob) was my solution to my fear of loneliness once I'd quit my job to go self employed.

I put the word out there, and hosted a meeting, where we shared bubbles and cakes, and our stories.

Three years on, after hosting bi-monthly and monthly meetings, as well as our annual #wwmoob Christmas parties, I have decided to put a 'pause' on the group.



We've shared goals, aspirations and worries. I've hosted sessions on SEO, marketing, PR, time keeping and all of the other issues that face those of us starting our own businesses. 





Over the 3 years, some #wwmoob members have come and gone, their businesses have moved forward, or they've moved away. It oddly helped keep the meetings fresh - having new members is exciting.



The meetings took on a life of their own after a while, and I started charging annual membership fees, and attendance fees. It became a mini-business in itself!

 It's been such an ace journey, and I'm aware of 5 old-wwmoob's who went on to start their own groups/meetings too, proving that we have a need for some help and support along the way! 


I've decided to pause my hosting of #wwmoob meetings as I just can't dedicate enough to them at the moment, but we are still having this year's Christmas Party! Whoop!