Wonderful Women 'Minding Our Own Business' - Trademarks, Babycham and Cake

As some of you may well know, I host monthly business networking meetings for women, called 'Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business' We meet to support, advise, encourage and chat - all sharing our experiences and hopes for running our own businesses.

You can read about Wonderful Women meeting number 1 here, Wonderful Women meeting number 2 here, Wonderful Women meeting number 3 here, and our Wonderful Women Christmas Cocktails here.

Today we had our first meeting of 2011, a chance to catch up with old members, as well as meet new faces. It was hosted at The Second Floor Studio, which gave us plenty of space to mill about. As usual, we had a mixture of cakes, nibbles, tea and wine. We always have too much food, but it means everyone can take something home!



Today's session had our normal greetings - we all explain what we do, what we hope to do, and any progress we have made since the last session. We love to swap business cards and I think I am fast becoming the Simon Cowell of them - I love to judge someone by the card they give me!




Today's session had an element of focus - we looked at Intellectual  Property - trade marks, copyright and design rights. I led it, so I hope the women found it useful!








 We then had the chance of playing about in the studio, and after a quick encouragement we were all posing. I reckon we all look awesome - completely living up to the title of 'Wonderful Women'.






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We have a mixture of new and old faces each time, and this meeting had 4 brand new faces, and a fifth who had attended the Christmas cocktails (which wasn't technically a meeting). I love that I get to regularly meet new and exciting women who are doing it for themselves.