Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business - Norwich

Yesterday was an exciting day, we had two Wonderful Women meetings happening at the same time. The London Wonderful Women meeting was an energetic meeting, filled with lots of goal setting and cocktails.

The Norwich Wonderful Women branch is a fledging group, and we are still recruiting and building the same sort of community we have down in London. Meeting one of Wonderful Women in Norwich was fab, and I even travelled up to host it. Lots of fun. Yesterday meeting number two was held - woohoo, exciting stuff.


We had sold more tickets, but sadly one of the downsides to being self-employed means having to drop out of events when you have paid work! I'm sure the mini-meeting was still very productive!

Lucy, who hosts the Norwich meetings blogger about the event here - Norwich Wonderful Women

We were keeping in touch with each other via Twitter, which is definitely something I'd like to do again.