Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business: Mini Meeting on SEO


I hosted my first mini-meeting of Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business and repeated the session of SEO (for those how hadn't attended the last SEO one). New faces which is always exciting!

The meeting happened to be on the day that I soft-launched Rockalily Lipsticks, and all of my Wonderful Women encouraged me to feel proud, they even raised a toast to Lipstick! Here are some of them trying on their new purchases.

It was techincally a mini-meeting but actually was pretty full sized!

Lots of exciting news was shared, including Wonderful Women with new stockists and new websites!

We had some yummy cucumber cocktails, served by quite a yummy waiter!

We then talked about SEO, and the small things we can all do ourselves to improve Google's ability to find us new customers!


Here is an out-of-focus picture of me and Miss Honey Bare, who was kind enough to bring homemade cookies to celebrate the launch of Rockalily!