Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business - Goal Setting

Today's #wwmoob meeting was about setting goals. We met in Drink, Shop, Do in Kings Cross, which was a perfect little venue for us. Cake, tea, cocktails and vintage - what else do we need?!




I love that in the above picture the Wonderful Women are quite easy to spot!

So today, we worked on live tweeting the event, and connected with the Norwich branch of Wonderful Women, via the hashtag #wwmoob. As we started setting our goals, we also added in some extra hashtags, #5yeargoal #6monthgoal etc. I think the act of publishing your goal in the public domain has quite a powerful impact.


You can see in this picture I was also attempting to display a live stream of our hashtags on the Ipad. Something to work on! You can also see the free copies of The Lady Magazine that I tend to offer at meetings now!

We had three brand new members, as well as a fabulous mixture of older and newer members. It works perfectly to get new input and inspiration. We come from varied trades, and experience, but somehow it just works!


We worked from long term goals down to short term, so we started with 5 year goals, and worked back down to 6 month goals. This was intentional, as I think its important to know where you want to go - otherwise how will end up there? Quite a few of the Wonderful Women's 5 year goals involved having premises, we even semi-joked about a Wonderful Women emporium!

The shorter term goals involved marketing, press, PR, and for some, just focusing on one business idea and running with it.


Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business currently runs in London and Norwich. There are a minimum of two meetings a month in each location, and members also get to use a private forum. We are a business group with a big heart (awwwwww).

If you think you'd be interested in joining, mail me on reeree AT wonderfulwomen.co.uk