Wonderful Women 'Minding Our Own Business' - Christmas Cocktails

I arrived first (as a host should!) for the Wonderful Women 'Minding Our Own Business' Christmas Cocktails, and the table I had reserved occupied by a group of guys. I confirmed with the bar where my table was, and approached the group. I explained the area was ours, but that they could stay there until my group arrived.

The men started talking to me, one in particular leading the quizzing questions. It's a shame as he was quite yummy, but behaving as a bit of a drunken twit. He asked for my number, but as much as I wanted to give it to him, I couldn't, as it was in front of everyone and he was just behaving too twattishly.

Eventually as more wonderful women arrived, we made them move. We did have to argue with one guy in particular who got quite aggressive, and it's a shame that the bar hadn't cleared the table for me. They said a label should have been there but we couldn't see anything.

We won of course, but it did add a little level of stress to the night that shouldn't have been there.

After a lot of wonderful women dropping out at the last minute, we still managed to have a nice little gathering. What was nice was that most of the women hadn't met each other before.

I managed to get quite tipsy quite quickly after having no dinner.

Here is me, Penny Dreadful and Verity Vale enjoying the space on our sofas.

I loved that even though we were 'relaxing' we all still discussed business and motivation and our plans for the future. It is exactly why I run these meetings - surrounding ourselves with motivated, aspirational and driven women. Fabulous.




We spotted this cute bar on the way out and couldn't resist posing by it. Added to Penny and Verity is Zeenat Ahmed-Peto.





Here is our final member for the evening - Nikki from Nikita Sablier. We also had Kat but somehow she evaded all photos!The rest of us all love an opportunity to pose!




We all spotted an uber cute vintage lamp that we would have loved to own.










If you are wondering what I mean when I say 'wonderful women' have a look at some of previous blog posts. Our meeting number three was babycham glasses and cake, and the second meeting was at Proud Camden. Our very first meeting can be seen here.

Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business is a networking group for women who want to meet other women running (or wanting to run) their own business. We meet, chat, support and advise. We also eat cake and drink wine.