Wonderful Women: Elevator Pitches

The Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business meeting today was focused on elevator pitches - How well can you summarise your business in a couple of sentences? The word choices, and phrases you use can be a tricky choice to nail down! We also found that the level of confidence you had in yourself and your business had an impact on how you phrased your pitch.


We went around the circle, giving a practice elevator explanation, and after a lot of feedback, discussion of wordings, we repeated it at the end. We all could hear the difference between the first and second go, and I definitely felt proud (like a mother hen) and enjoyed hearing our confidences grow.

Annoyingly, there were actually ten of us at this 'mini' meeting, but I wa so engrossed in the meeting, I only took pictures at the end, when only half of us were left!


It didn't stop us enjoying a few silly poses though!

As always we had such a great mix of old faces and brand new faces. I was also super excited to have an old face who has been absent for a while return! I am also constantly amazed at how we are all in such different places in our journeys, but still find so much in common. They really are a bunch of wonderful woman (they live up to their name!).



As I am gushing about how awesome everyone is, I'll just end with that although we have a lot of fun, and our photos can make us look like we prance about (which we do), what I love most about us is how serious we all are about our businesses.


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