Wonderful Women: Cutting and Sticking our Motivation!


Today's London Wonderful Women focused on motivation and inspiration. Trying to pin point why you've decided to start your own business, and exactly what it is you want from it, is crucial in deciding what journey to take.

If you want to be able to focus on a family, creating a business that would need lots of travel and late nights may not be the route for you. If you are motivated by money, creating a business that cannot be expanded to a larger scale may not be best for you. I also believe that if you don't know where you want to go, how do you have a chance of getting there?

We started we our usual catch up, introducing new members, and letting the group know what we'd been up to since our last meeting. We have all been busy beavers let me tell you!

 We all had card, glue and a million magazines (oh and glitter and ribbon) and we spent the afternoon creating visual representations of our motivation. Once we were all crafted out, we shared our work. We took the time to say out loud exactly what we hope for from our futures, both for our businesses and our lives.







What I love about the meetings the most is hearing people's progress from meeting to meeting. Whether its goals like finally getting your website looking right, to bigger decisions like your price point, it seems to never happen that a Wonderful Woman hasn't moved forward.