Wonderful Women: Branding in the Sunshine

I run Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business, a supportive networking group for creative business women running or starting their own businesses. Today we had a session on branding - what and how our brand message reaches our customers (and is it saying what we want it to say).


We had these yummy bakewell tart muffins baked for us (vegan ones!).


We had some new faces, as well as a few ladies who were supposed to come but couldn't make it at the last minute. It's always nice to hear the progress that has been made, or the stories of new Wonderful Women. There are so many awesome women with big dreams. We definitely encourage dreaming big.


As you can see I seem to have started a mini Wonderful Women Library!



If you think you could be a Wonderful Woman, please do email me on reeree at wonderfulwomen.co.uk