Wonderful Women: Advertising

Last night's Wonderful Women meeting was on advertising, which is such a massive area, we clearly didn;t cover everything, but we gave it a good go!

We started with cocktails (well what else?!) and then I started talking about a book I enjoyed reading recently, The End of Advertising as We Know It. It is written by Sergio Zyman, who is an ex-CEO of Coca-Cola. It is a book talking about massive companies, but it still very thought-provoking and an enjoyable read (if like me, you love business and branding!).

Our first task was to list the benefits of our products/services rather than a description, as that is what you need to advertise - the benefits! Sergio says that you need to tell you customer why they should buy from you, not just what and who you are. We had other tasks over the night, but you had to be there to learn from those!;-)

The book fascinates me, and I enjoyed sharing some of the most interesting parts of it with the group.

We then shared with each other our own personal experiences of advertising, and discussed how we measured the return on investment of each effort.

The night may have ended with a tipsy rickshaw ride to the tube station.....