Wonderbra - Perfect for bigger boobs

Having visited What Katie Did to get fitted for a bra recently, I was over the moon when Simply Beach offered me a voucher to try their bra service too. 

I have always had boobs of substantial size, and have never found many bras I have been happy with. I am a DD, and I am quite definite in what shape I want my chest to be (when in a bra). The ones I have been happiest with are my (very) old Wonderbras. I like the lift they give with me (without the padding of course!) and the shape. I like bras that push my boobs up and together! I don't tend to wear full balconette bras, and definitely not lace ones. I like a bit of structure for my rack!

I have been rather lame on the bra front recently, and most of mine are too old really, but its always so hard to find ones I like and are comfortable.

I decided to try two new Wonderbra bras, to see if I still liked them. 

Firstly I went for the Wonderbra Everyday T Shirt Bra, which is available up to a G cup. It currently has 20% off and so is £21.20.

I wore this one yesterday and loved it. It seamless, and comfortable. It pushed my boobs together in a nice natural way, as opposed to an over the top Jordon-esque way. I really loved it. I'm so pleased that I wasn't disappointed!

I also went for the new strapless bra from Wonderbra:

This is the Wonderbra Sexy Solutions Ultimate Strapless Bra, which is also available up to a G. With the current 20% discount it is £27.20. The 'boning' which isn't boning as such, is actually hand shaped, so inside the cups there are almost fingers holding your boobs up!

I know I'm not the only larger boobed lady who struggles with strapless bras. I have been wearing this one all day (and went for lunch and a dog walk). It's the best I've worn.  I love it because I still get a cleavage, which most strapless bras don't. It feels very secure. Yes, I will have a red band around my waist when I remove it, but that's ok. As long as my boobs are held up!

I like it because it could be worn with a normal vest, whereas my current strapless bra just doesn't give a nice enough cleavage.

Simply Beach - The Service:

The delivery costs £1.99 which I think is pretty good, and the returns are free. I had hoped to find a six strap suspender belt, but unfortunately, like most mainstream lingerie shops they only do 4 straps. I like the design of the website, although the name is slightly confusing (considering they don't only sell beachwear).

The delivery was fast enough, and as I love both of my bras I haven't tested the return service!

The only negative was that I got a little stuck in the ordering process, and seemed to be looping round in circles. I'm not sure if I was having a good day!