Women's March London - #TimesUp

womens march london 2018

My cold little fingers are typing this, after getting home from the #TimesUp rally right near Downing Street today in London. It rained, it even snowed, yet we stood firm to hear the speakers, chant and show the world that surely enough is enough now; it's time for change.

From Olivia's Instagram --->  www.instagram.com/anneboleynftw/

From Olivia's Instagram ---> www.instagram.com/anneboleynftw/

On this day last year, I attended the huge Women's March, which changed so much for me. The vastness of that march was just awe-inspiring, and I'm been more politically engaged than ever this year. So, I was keen to return for this rally, a year since Trump changed politics for ever.

I have to say, I didn't enjoy the rally as much. Standing still, surrounded by people who already agree with you, while being penned into a small space, didn't create the sense of excitement or empowerment that marching does. I don't know why we didn't march this year, perhaps we didn't get permission from the police, but I really hope we march more in 2018. It obviously wasn't helped by the rain and snow, but there wasn't that sense of purpose that a march has.

From Laura Green's Twitter -  https://twitter.com/LGreene86

From Laura Green's Twitter - https://twitter.com/LGreene86

The marching felt so great because you're taking your messages to the outside world, outside of your safe feminist bubble. It acts as a PR stunt, and you see people stopping and thinking. The rally lacked this a little, although of course, in the digital world we live in, it still works as a PR stunt. It still gets people thinking.

PR stunts matter, keeping these conversations at the front of people's minds is important, and it's how people become educated and engaged. Turning up with a sign matters, even if it just starts conversations with friends and families. As one of the speakers said, "Its about tiny chips in that glass ceiling," and although we can't all make massive chunks of change, we can all make tiny ones.

times up march london

Regardless of how I felt about it, and how cold my feet got, as ever, I'm proud I went. It's hard to know what we can do, how on earth we change anything, but joining up with others, sharing a voice, showing that this stuff matters, well it's a good start.