Women of the World 2013 - Speed Mentoring

Yesterday I set myself a challenge and was a mentor at the speed mentoring event at the Women of the World Festival 2013 (#wow2013) at the Southbank.

I like to sometimes force myself to do something scary, and this definitely felt a little scary as I wouldn't know anything about the women I would be mentoring in advance. What if they asked me something I didn't know anything about?!

I arrived a tad late, which is very unlike me, but I ran to my seat and awaited my first mentee!

This lady wanted to know how to decide between her different business ideas, when they were all quite varied. I talked about visualising the perfect end goal, and working backwards from there and pretty soon our 15 minutes was up. Next!

The next lady was a little more challenging for me! She works in an international charity, and wanted to start revoltionising the internal structures of the company (in regards to women and other minorities). Eeek! But I tried to boil it down in my mind, to what the actual dilemma was, rather than being overwhelmed by the massive scale of the problem. So I talked about how we can tackle things that seem far too big to even start, and how we can identify people who may be able to offer advice. She seemed happy with my advice, which was a relief!

My final mentee was wanting to become a children's author and illustrator, which is much more in my comfort zone!

Do you ever challenge yourself? Do you make yourself do things that are scary? You can sometimes surprise yourself when for you force yourself out of your comfort zone.