Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park

After waiting rather impatiently for Wireless Festival to happen, it was finally upon me! The weather gods had obviously been listening to my desperate pleas for sun, as it was perhaps the hottest day of the year so far. I'm not someone who finds it easy to rise above the misery of damp or wet weather.

I'd bought a playsuit from River Island a while back for the event, but wasn't 100% sure I'd wear it as I find it very challenging to have my bare legs out like that! After seeing the weather forecast I knew it would be the perfect outfit (my shoulders wouldn't burn but I wouldn't be too hot). Twice before leaving my house I nearly chickened out, but got stern with myself and didn't change.

I left my house, and again felt sure a draw to go back inside and change, but I reminded myself that once I was there it would be fine. Short shorts are pretty standard festival wear now.

Sadly after about 3 minutes two ladies decided to talk about me very loudly, making it clear that they didn't approve of the modern length of short, and that they didn't want to see 'all that'. Definitely bruised my already fragile frame of mind! But I stuck with it, knowing I'd be fine once at my friend's house.

We walked to Finsbury Park (I live about 30 mins walk away, and my friend lives about 15 mins away) and I definitely felt better being with other girls in shorts. Phew!

The first act we wanted to see was Jess Glynne, and this little clip captured one of my favourite moments of the day! Two of my current fav dance tracks - Rather Be (Clean Bandits) and My Love (Route 94). 

Despite taking a hayfever pill that morning, I had the weirdest allergy reaction I've ever experienced. My left eye just wouldn't stop crying. Constantly. I struggled to see! I battled with it for a few hours, but decided to try another pill (they had a medicine van you could buy supplies from) and it definitely helped.

The next act we didn't want to miss was Kiesza, who sings the current hit Hideaway. She was by far the standout act for us. She put on such a polished performance, what a great show. She danced her socks off, and still maintained a beautiful voice. I particularly loved that she used little music interludes of massive tracks that we knew. It kept the crowd buzzing, and worked well as most of us probably only knew one of her songs! Really impressive stuff. Loved it.

 Basement Jaxx started off rather oddly, as we'd expected to know loads of the songs, but we just didn't. But then they played some corkers, and it got a bit drum&bassy. Loved having a proper little crazy rave dance.

During Basement Jaxx a lovely lady came and said hello as she knew me from instagram! It was very cool, and reminded me why I've always been an social internet geek. Over the past 15 years I've met so many people from forums, chat rooms, social media etc, it really makes the world a smaller place. So that was pretty ace! Apparently my instagram feed is lovely and positive, but I post the oddest food pictures! ha ha, made me laugh as lots of people say that about some of my food!

The day was finished off with Kanye West. I can't say I know that much about him, but I was excited. It was the main stage, the crowd were ready to party hard, and he's a superstar. He came out in this mask completely covering his face. I hate to say it but I literally couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous he was. Has the fame sent him round-the-bend? It certainly felt like it. Then the rant came. He decided to stop singing and lecture/moan/offload his emotions and angers with the world. What a plum. We left at this stage. I couldn't listen to his ego-massaging any longer. It was pretty embarrassing. However, the music we did dance to of his was pretty fun! Silly Kanye.

We walked home, I attempted to fix my face (after a day of crying from one eye constantly) and we went out for a night cap. It would be rude not to hey!?

I had a blast. Loved a day of dancing, sunshine, and a day away from real life. If only it didn't all get so expensive and we could do it all more often!