Winner of a Rockalily Lipstick


Last week I ran a competition to nominate a fabulous lady to win a Rockalily Lipstick. This morning I have looked through all of the entries (which you can read on the Rockalily Facebook page). It is certainly tough as everyone is a deserving winner.

There were some heart warming nominations to mothers, for sticking by us, making us feel great and teaching us to wear lipstick. There were nominations for best friends, for always being our cheerleader, for picking us up when things get tough. There were even a few boyfriends, nominating their gorgeous girlfriends for a lippy (even though they are pretty just the way they are). Nominations also came for ladies who are having a tough time at the moment, and could do with a boost. There were business partners (in crime), ladies who were heartbroken, and girls who just rock lipstick so well. 

How on earth to choose!? 

I have gone with my gut, although if I could, I'd give all of your awesome women a lippy.


I think Clodia should be given a Rockalily Lipstick because she's just about to return from a stint in Afghanistan. Frankly, after 6 months of very sensible boots and uniforms in various hues of camouflage she's looking forward to a spot of feminine elegance. What better summation of that than red lipstick?

I would like to nominate my friend Jenny to win a Rockalilly Lipstick. I first met Jenny a few years ago when I helped photograph her beautiful 1920's inspired wedding. Jenny has been battling cancer for a number of years and yet she is the strongest and most inspiring woman I know. Im not alone in this opinion her freinds even run a facebook page for her called "Keep the faith" to keep her spirits high. When I photographed Jenny both at her wedding and at a subsequent Pamper day (where she rocked the Lauren bacall look) she always wore the most amazing makeup and is a real red lippy fan so I would love to see her win this as we all know the restorative power of red lipstick.


Both super strong and awesome women, proving that life really is too short not to wear red lipstick.