Win a Rockalily Lipstick - Winner of Most Original Tattoo

The entries were fabulous - (Most Original Tattoos) as I have no doubt you'll agree. I don't think 'original' tattoos are anyhow 'better' than less original ideas (I certainly have both!) but they are always more interesting to look at! Tattoos enable us to decorate our bodies in a way that celebrates our own uniqueness - even if our tattoo isn't exactly unique.               

When judging these original tattoos, I tried to keep in mind what original means, and judge based on that. This criteria meant I had to award this Starwars tattoo (R2D2's wife complete with pipe) as the Rockalily Most Original Tattoo! I love how it still has an old school vibe, despite being a science fiction tattoo.


Thank you to everyone else who submitted their tattoos for Most Original, I am pleased to see that we are still flying the flag for quality tattoos!

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