Win a Rockalily Lipstick - Winner of Most Fun Tattoo

I love a fun tattoo. If I were to enter to my own contest, I certainly would have entered this category! I have a Mr Happy tattoo, a pink poodle tattoo, a Las Vegas purple cat tattoo, and a lipstick tattoo that I think would all qualify as fun tattoos!

Tattoos can remind us of positive things, not only of the more difficult experiences and losses that we may use tattoos to symbolise. Enjoy looking through the entries for Most Fun tattoo - they are meant to make you smile!

Again, I tried to stick to the criteria - that it be fun. It isn't me judging which one I would like the most (although the Russian dolls pair are very similar to something I plan to have on my legs!), but the one that made me smile the most when I first saw it.


I chose the Tikki Party Pineapple, but could have happily chosen others!

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