Wig Unboxing - Peachy Keen by Hairdo at HotHair

The lovely ladies at HotHair sent me a new wig to review, and this is one of the most expensive wigs I've currently got, at £110. It's a shorter peach wig, with a fringe. It's not lace front, nor does it have a part. You can check it out here.

I have worn this wig about 8-10 times since having it, and if you watch the video, you can see how I styled and cut it to make it less wig-like. I've recieved so many compliments on the colour of this wig, and the texture isn't shiny. I've worn it down, pinned back, and pinned up with a bandana. 

peachy keen hairdo wig review

I mention in the video that I find the root 'interesting' and to be honest, I'm still struggling with it. Perhaps I'm just so used to loving a full parting, or having less volume on top, but I'm not loving the structure in the matted root. But I'm still wearing it loads, and getting lots of compliments, so maybe I just need to adjust to it!

I just love the colour. Love.