The real reason people hate wearing glasses

I remember the moment when I realised I needed glasses, I was 18, and sat in an A-Level Psychology class. I complained to my tutor that the OHP (yup I'm that old) was out of focus. My class sighed and told me it wasn't. My friend Bobbie passed over her glasses for me to try, and boom, the world was in focus.

Off I trotted to the opticians, and got myself my free NHS glasses. They were pretty hideous. I wore them for TV and for when distance was necessary. I became the friend who said, "Meet me outside the bar as I won't be able to find you inside", because the world was too blurry. I couldn't tell what bus number it was, until it had pulled up at the bus stop. I hated my glasses, and as soon as I figured I could afford it, I invested in contact lenses.

At university I wore a mixture of glasses and contact lenses, still hating my glasses. They made me feel ugly. Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses etc. Everything I heard about glasses was pretty negative. Brides didn't wear glasses. Women in adverts didn't wear glasses. Ugly people wore glasses, right up until the scene where they become pretty and get contact lenses.

About 8 years ago (something like that, perhaps longer!) I started dressing more 'alternatively' and started wearnig vintage glasses. This completely changed my relationship with my glasses, and I started wearing my contacts less and less. My glasses became another accessory, like my shoes, bags and jewellery. They shared the same perks; you can wear your favourite every day, they always fit, and they completely change an outfit.

I've owned so many glasses over the years, and I currently have about 8-10 I wear regularly. I no longer wear contact lenses, and I actually feel like my face looks naked without glasses. They give me even more control over my face than make-up alone, I get to create whoever I want to be each day. They have the added bonus of allowing me to see!

I've had people ask me if I'd have laser eye surgery if it was offered, but I think I'd only do it if I could replace all of my glasses with clear lenses. It would be nice to be able to see in the shower, but I really prefer my face with glasses.

The real reason that people hate wearing glasses is that hey don't buy the right glasses. They go into the opticians, and buy the first pair they see, or the cheapest they can find. They only buy one pair, yet they don't only wear one pair of shoes, or one jumper. They'd get bored. They don't invest the energy into finding the glasses that make their faces even more kickarse. Glasses shouldn't feel like a necessary evil, they should feel like a brand new handbag, or fancy new trainers.

This post was kindly sponsored by SmartBuyGlasses, who gifted me these pretty swish Dolce and Gabbana catseye glasses. As ever, when I accept a product for review, my thoughts are my own. I've blogged about my obsession with glasses for years, and they were a perfect fit for me. What I also really enjoyed on their site was that I could search by "Cats Eye", ideal for a vintage fan like me.