Why we like our salon dog Ellington

I don't blog about Ellington very much, as I don't really feel like my blog is the right platform for my pet, but I feel he may have earned his place now. If you are the type of person who enjoys seeing random pics of my pet, feel free to follow me on instagram, or Ellington's facebook page!

When I opened Rockalily Cuts, I felt a salon dog would be a pretty ace addition to the atmosphere I wanted to create. So I searched online, and ended up agreeing to rescue Ellingon (then called Sam). Sam was apparently 5 years old, and his owner had passed away, and he's been placed in two homes already unsucessfully.

This was the photo I was sent of Sam, and despite him living in Birmingham, I agreed to home him.

This is me taking him back on the train from Birmingham. I was pretty scared (as he was too no doubt!) and it was raining, cold and grey. I had no clue how he'd behave on the train, so I'd reserved a first class seat, to ensure I'd have a bit more space. I've never had a dog, so I didn't even know really what to expect! I definitely questioned my own sanity more than once.

We've definitely had some ups and downs, but he has finally settled in. It turned out he wasn't five, but at least 10 or older, so we are his retirement home.

Ellington is a pretty cool guy, but I will never get a dog again. You can hold me to that.

Why I like him:

1. He's grumpy and hates most people. He knows what and who he likes, and he sticks to it.

2. He'll come to the pub with me and chill out on my lap/chair.

3. He can get on the train every day and not panic with the crowds.

4. He acts as if he hates all people apart from me, but then he spots the people he likes and loves them too. He has a great memory for my friends and family.

5. He isn't playful. He's a chilled out old man.

6. He is relaxed in the salon. The door can be propped open but he doesn't leave. If the customers leave him alone, he is happy to leave them alone.