Why is Starbucks so bad at customer service?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the Starbucks brand. I've read the books, and kept drinking the coffee. I've even blogged about their rebranding of their stores. I am the perfect Starbucks customer - I love the syrups, and blended frappacinos and even use their mugs at home (bought not stolen!). I even used to be a Starbucks mystery shopper, each month having to weigh, measure, and assess 3 of my local stores in Brighton.

Today, as I ordered my morning coffee at my new local Starbucks, I was somewhat confused at how muddled it has all become.

I order a Caramel Frappacino Light. This used to be easy, and now always seems to cause many little annoying hiccups. Firstly, they always seem in a muddle as to whether I want a coffee based drink. If I didn't want coffee I'd have asked for a Caramel Crème, which I didn't.

Then they get in a muddle about whether I want cream on top. The 'Light' shouldn't come with cream, so I'm not sure why we all have to waste time being asked.

I'm now also asked whether I want the sugar free caramel or not. If I did, I'd ask for it.

Oh and I'm also asked each time whether I want a caramel drizzle on top. Just make it as it comes people. 

I'm not sure exactly why it all bothers me so much, its just I've really noticed how much longer its takes to order my drink now. It seems the opposite of what I loved about Starbucks - being streamlined and fabulous.

I also find the Starbucks ordering system pretty clunky as it goes. As a customer, I have to explain my drink twice every time; once to the server, and once to the person on the till. This has always bothered me, but definitely adds to my general annoyance now that my drink order feels extra clunky too. I've never understood why they haven't streamlined this yet.

Come on Starbucks, I know you can do better!