Why I struggle to call myself slim

I'm currently not super happy with my body shape, but I don't hate it, and I know I'm responsible for its shape as well as how I feel about it. I'm also aware that as someone who wears generally a size 10 (sometimes an 8, sometimes a 12 for my boobs)  now, there are people who would easily describe me as having a slim figure. 

Even writing that sentence was hard for me. I itched to type "slimmer" rather than the definitive slim. 

I'm much more comfortable describing my body as "average" or "curvy" or "medium" (despite now owning many items of clothing labelled as small). Perhaps even as "Just a little smaller than I used to be". But I know I don't use those words when describing other women who are similar sizes to me.

I've realised I suffer from a sort of imposter syndrome, where I'm scared of getting caught out. That I'll say I'm slim, and everyone will be laughing their heads, "Who does she think she is?1". Which is ridiculous on so many levels, but doesn't mean it isn't how I feel.

I'm not body dysmorphic and don't think I'm huge, or fat, or massive. But I still find it hard to really label my own body honestly. Perhaps it doesn't even need a label, the only time I seemed to be asked to describe it was when online dating, in the body type box - slim, athletic, average, cuddly, large etc.  For me, slim means a size 6-8, but then what label fits me, when the media now like to say average is a 16?

The weight that words can carry can feel huge, and it reminds me of that Dove advert, where women had to choose either the Average door or Beautiful door. They liked to say it was because women didn't feel beautiful, but I think it's often more to do with an embarrassment of saying we feel pretty, in case people think otherwise. We don't want to get caught out.